ClaudioPuglisi PittoreWelcome to my website!

My name is Claudio Puglisi. I was born in Varese in 1961 under the sign of Gemini, but the flame arrow of the Sagittarius, my ascendant, is clearly heading towards infinity. I live in Milan and the French Coast.

The beauty and the harmony of the outer, surrounding environment attracted my attention since I was a child. The expression of my artistic nature, anyway, found its development first in the experience of music, playing organ and piano, and only more recently in painting. These two art forms have been, are now and will remain my anchors of salvation from the rational universe of the mind and of the world in which I am living deep inside, also as a result of the development of my professional choices in finance and administration.

I don’t like to express with words what my works represent and depict and I don’t like to entitle them either. I leave to the sensitivity of the observer the freedom to interpret, by means of the vibrations given by the fluidity of the colours, all the movements and the nuances arising from my inner world, the world of emotions, and from the deeper world of unconscious and soul.

Is this perhaps a way to catch my own inner memories without space and time? Or is perhaps the real aim a soft attempt to share with the interlocutor the language of the dozing, never faded emotions I have in my soul?

While painting I give the colour the possibility to express itself in an abstract way, to compose itself in a harmonious balance, so that then, from its content, I can extract a representation, an idea, a motif, a particular, a figure, trying not to involve my mind in their project and to minimize the contaminations of psyche.

Below you can see some works of mine, mainly performed on canvas with acrylic paint as well as with watercolour on paper and mixed technique on canvas.

I do not think it is regrettable for a painter if he sometimes adjusts the subject and the colours of his paintings according to the preferences of the user, for instance if they derive from the needs of their location in a specific space. If a painting is a living, vibrating energy element, it must also be in full harmony with the environment. For these reasons in such a situation I like to carry out a preliminary visit of the location in which the painting shall be placed, in order to understand not only the tastes, but also the personality of the ones who live in that environment. I do not think that a possible limit, given by the interlocutor, could distort my inmost feelings. On the contrary, restrictions can express and underline some aspects, even if “limited”, of my artistic personality.